7 continents, 2 motorcycles i 1 big adventure

Let’s go!!! – this is what we say after a short conversation. Decisions are made, commitment to each other is real and in December 2014 we start to execute a plan that is supposed to turn our lives upside down. From this moment everything else is less important and we only have one goal: to feel the world!

Our journey has one main assumption, we want to travel around the world on our own motorcycles. We have a very intimate and emotional relationship with them and we just can’t imagine renting motorcycles in different destinations. We want our motorcycles with Polish license plates to visit all 7 continents within one trip, which as far as we know, hasn’t been done before.

We start in July 2016 and heading towards Asia. Through Iran and Pakistan we will reach Himalayan mountain passes and then travel through not yet fully discovered land of Birma. In SE Asia we want to take it a bit more easy and try something we didn’t have time to do before like kite surfing or scuba diving.

Next step is paying a visit to Australia and New Zealand. We will enjoy summer in the southern hemisphere and check out why all the people from Down Under we met so far had extremely positive attitudes and claimed that all problems can be solved in a barbecue party.

Another challenge would be to somehow find a way to reach Antarctica. We know this is possible. Not much more apart from this as it did not happen many time in the past and people we asked for some help claim, that the only way to find out is to be in Ushuaia and have hope, which we won’t lack. Then we go for a crazy trip around South America, that Ania is particularly waiting for.

After travelling around the West Coast of USA we will go to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to check out where the famous Pan American Highway starts and touch the waters of Arctic Ocean. Then our route goes through Canada, of which I dreamed for a long time. After reaching New York we’ll have a long flight to Cape Town ahead of us.

Africa is the last leg of our journey. The number of places we want to see there is equal to the number of fears we have but this whole thing is about broadening our horizons and having our own opinion about each continent based on our own experiences. On this blog we will be sharing with you our emotions, feelings and adventures.

Do you want to ride with us?:)

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