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She fell in love with motorcycling because of the freedom it gave her and from that moment she feels it is the only right mode of transportation. This love was combined with a passion for travelling and what can be greater than riding across the world on two wheels? She didn’t have even a second of doubt when Michal proposed this trip. Some alternative for routine, which she truly hates, could only be climbing another mountain peaks or voluntary work somewhere at the end of the world. Travelling for her is a source of inspiration, true test of character and the reason for liver damage. This is why she always have a wine bottle in her luggage, even if she needs to carry it to the top on her back. Her lifetime adventure so far was trekking in the Himalayas which was the ultimate test for her physical and mental capabilities. Those are the journeys she values most as only in difficult conditions people can truly discover themselves and the memories stay forever. What she values most in other people is the fact they are a window to a different perspective and they build a diverse, colorful world. This is exactly what she will bring closer to us in her reports from various places in the world.


You meet him for the first time and feel like you have known him your entire life – this is what Ania says about Michal. He says about himself that travelling proved him that people are good by nature and those who help the most are the ones who own the less. Travelling around the world was always his ultimate dream and since he claims driving a motorcycle is the best thing you can do dressed up, there was no doubt in case of mode of transportation. He is very emotional with his motorcycle as it provides him an opportunity to feel the world not being limited by windows of a car, which is the essence of travelling. His most often visited places are the ones where life seems to be difficult for various reasons. He tested himself in a difficult situations like in Japan, where he came with one month budget, not knowing anyone and managed to enjoy for half a year. This proved him how valuable are those kind of experiences as you can discover yourself thanks to them. In his biggest journey so far he is going with Ania who according to him, is the infinite source of inner peace and cold blood as well as highly contagious optimism. Michał wants this journey to help him find balance and way in life after he returns. Whatever happens, travel will always be his lifeblood.


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